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How do I get my volunteer experience on the Besa Impact Platform?

We're always looking to add fun and engaging volunteer experiences! Here is what you should know:

  • Besa manages about 70 volunteer experiences every month.
  • Besa community volunteer experiences typically occur in the evening or on weekends and recruit between 5 to 15 volunteers.
  • Monday through Friday daytime slots are available through our business partner program. These volunteer experiences are available only to employees and range in size from small (5 volunteers) to large (over 100 volunteers). They are based on the impact pillars and availability of our business partners. 
  • The highest volunteer response comes from direct action volunteer experiences. For example, supporting community gardens and managing a food pantry are more direct action than acting as parking attendants and helping event set up/tear down.
  • At this time we do not support skills-based, long-term commitment or fundraiser-related volunteer experiences.

  • Our volunteers are highly competent and ready to work. We’ll work with you to develop, coordinate and manage the volunteer experience. Most groups are led by a Volunteer Leader, who acts as the liaison between the nonprofit and the volunteers.
  • Volunteers must sign up on Besa’s impact platform due to liability reasons.
  • We typically need about 4-6 weeks to plan, post and recruit volunteers for each volunteer experience.

Click here to fill out a Volunteer Request form to connect with our team.