Who we are

Besa is a Columbus-based nonprofit dedicated to powering a wave of civic engagement that lifts us all. We fulfill critical needs by connecting people to community service to make giving back easy—and transformative.

  • Who We Are

    Besa connects people with community through experiences that change lives. Founded in 2012, Besa has forged partnerships with businesses, individuals nonprofits and government institutions to mobilize people around community needs and curate volunteer experiences that provide powerful, positive impact. Through philanthropic engagement solutions for businesses, meaningful volunteer opportunities for individuals and innovative collaborations with nonprofits, Besa builds authentic, purposeful relationships.

    To Keep the Promise

    Besa is an Albanian term in origin, meaning “to keep the promise.” It’s the belief that when we work together, we can impact our community in powerful ways.

    What We Do

    How We Engage

    • EDUCATE: We partner with more than 150 nonprofits—from food banks and homeless shelters to cities and counties—to help people understand community needs.
    • ACTIVATE: We work with businesses, individuals and nonprofits to mobilize people around community needs in a way that provides powerful, positive impact.
    • INSPIRE: By curating fun and meaningful volunteer experiences, we strengthen people’s relationships with their community, sparking deeper and ongoing connections and uplifting the community at large.

    Experiences We Create

    • PARTNERSHIPS: Nothing we do is surface. When we partner, whether it’s with a Fortune 500 company or a small nonprofit, we go deep, building authentic, purposeful relationships.
    • PROGRAMS: The community engagement programming we produce isn’t for show. We curate volunteer experiences that are organized, enjoyable and fulfill genuine needs.
    • PLATFORM: Our proprietary technology makes volunteer management a breeze, tracks metrics around giving and more.

    Who We Empower

    • BUSINESSES: We transform philanthropic engagement through strategic planning, volunteer programming and philanthropy software.
    • INDIVIDUALS: We curate more than 70 meaningful volunteer opportunities for community members each month to support nonprofits and the residents they serve.
    • NONPROFITS: We build capacity through reliable volunteer service and innovative collaborations.

    Why We Do It

    We envision a world where every community member is informed, engaged and active—where we embrace our responsibility to answer critical needs, bring people together, promote equity and create broad-based social change.